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Batman Miniature Game: Gotham Butcher

PLEASE NOTE: This game is in English and MAY NOT contain a translation into your language. Felix Harmon is a serial killer who terrorized Gotham during the 1800s and mysteriously disappeared. Recruited and trained by the Court of Owls. Harmon as the Butcher is one of the most uncontrollable Talons that had to be locked away. His re-appearance in Gotham is an indication of how desperate the Court of Owls is to regain their foothold with this Large. Claw-wielding maniac.The Gotham Butcher is a Free Agent who works only for the Court of Owls.Miniature comes unpainted and requires assembly.
Age range: 14 and up / Number of players: 2 and up / Play time: 30 minutes
Manufacturer: Knight Models
1 Gotham Butcher Miniature

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